Amanda and the White Toed Cat - CD About Outsourcing and Job Loss

MP3 samples are available below this Amazon store, scroll down to listen.

Samples of My Evolving Different Styles of Music:

Knee High Leather Boots (Don't Lay Your Trip On Me CD - Amanda, 2003)
This song is about living in rattlesnake country.

Sunrise (Don't Lay Your Trip On Me CD - Amanda, 2003)
Musically describes a southwestern desert sunrise and birds waking.

Don't Lay Your Trip On Me (Title Track on CD - Amanda, 2003)
About people taking out their own problems on innocent bystanders.

I Need Some More of You (Sweet Dreams CD - Amanda, 2007)
Jazz style love song.

I Want It Now (Sweet Dreams CD! - Amanda, 2007)
Challenged myself to write a rock song for Piccolo and pulled it off!

I Like Who I Am (When I am With You) - (Sweet Dreams CD - Amanda, 2007)
Carribbean style love song.

Pink Panther Theme (Just for Fun - Henry Mancini, Amanda on Flute)
One of my live performance cover pieces.


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